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Maximum Results. Minimal Ingredients and Environmental Impact.

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Nothing hidden.

We promise that everything we put in our products is both on the label and easy to find on this website. Why? Because it's important to know what goes into our products because it effects your health. We're 100% committed to transparency.

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100% natural deo that doesn't stink

Okay, real talk: you shouldn't have to live in fear of wetness and odor for the sake of natural benefits. We probably take this a bit too seriously, and after 40 versions we're real confident.

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This deodorant works great! Living in humid MO, and many hours spent at the ball parks with my boys, I never feel like I reek of b.o. I also workout and sweat like a pig, and always feel confident I'm not stinking up the place!

Jessica, Smelling Clean

I was totally amazed to find an all natural deodorant that actually works for me! The first few days that I tried this product, I checked for odor every few minutes because I was certain that I would start to stink but I never did!! So happy to have found an all natural product that my family and I can use!

Andrea, Deo Diehard