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Through testing, formulations, research, and years of using everything the extreme conditions of the Sonoran Desert.


We’ll cut to the chase: everything that goes into a Wren Natural product is completely natural. Yes, everything.


Don't believe us. Watch our testimonials or try it out for yourself. If you are not happy with it, we'll refund you.

Simplicity Speaks Volumes

What if you could look at a label and read and understand all the ingredients? What if you knew with certainty that what was in the bottle, was also on the label And what if, all those ingredients came from simple, natural, organic sources? That'd be a dream come true, right? But that's exactly what we've created.... so say hello to the products of your dreams! Minimal ingredients, maximum results. That's #WrenNatural

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Born in the Sonoran Desert

The Sonoran Desert is our backyard and that gives us a unique opportunity for our formulations to ensure they can successfully withstand the harsh conditions we face. Extreme heat and very low humidity can test the limits of any deodorant or facial moisturizer, and we've perfected our formula to achieve maximum results with as few ingredients as possible.

Sustainable and Environmentally Forward

We source our ingredients from where they grow the best to make sure the quality is superior. We package in glass or tin so it's easily recyclable. Or better yet, reused. We love hearing stories of our jars and bottles being re purposed for something else in your home. That makes us happy!

What’s In The Name?

Why Wren Natural? Everything we make is natural, organic, family-friendly, and trustworthy, we wanted a name that reflected all those things and to pay homage to where Wren Natural started. The cactus wren is the Arizona state bird, it’s a small and simple bird. However, they often have beautiful, intricate songs - almost unexpected from the little, straightforward animals they appear to be. And that seemed a bit like our company and products. Straight from nature, simple, and easy to understand ingredients… but beautiful results when used as part of your daily care routine. Natural products can be so underrated, and yet so powerful in helping you soar to a new level of health in your life!

Small Batch Hand Crafted

We don't use an outside manufacturer (or co-packer), we do it all ourselves. We monitor and participate in every step to ensure that the quality we expect is found in every batch. We would feel uncomfortable handing that off to someone who hasn't been with us since we started. Our team is made up of family and friends that have been around since Danielle started whipping stuff up in the kitchen. They are invested in and love Wren Natural just as much as the founders. And we wouldn't want it any other way.