The Power of Grains



No, not the grains you eat. Although they are pretty powerful and will get your through a killer workout! We're gonna talk about the power of Cleansing Grains. They really should be named 3 in 1 Facial Cleansing Grains because they don't just clean! They clean, gently exfoliate and can hydrate and smooth when used as a mask. You can use them daily for cleansing. They are a powerhouse in our facial line up! But we understand the idea of a powdered cleanser might seem odd or even intimidating. So we thought we might explain them just a little bit more, to help everyone understand their power!


Let's Wash!

They come with this super cute little spoon, everyone loves the spoon!  Cup your hand and simply take a scoop out and put into your palm. Slowly add water (or another wetting agent, but more on this later), and mix with your other hand to get a paste. Then apply it to your face in a circular motion, rinse off and BOOM your face is clean AND soft!  If you have a washcloth or muslin (my favorite) to help remove the grains that's an option too! Follow up with our toner and moisturizer and you have a trifecta of skincare goodness. 

Let's Mask! 

You're gonna follow the same steps as above, except you're going to use a heaping spoonful. Then, you relax few minutes (aprox 8-10) before you wash it off. Enjoy a few moments of silence, or maybe read a book, or enjoy a glass of wine. Or take a picture and post it on Instagram and tag us! We love a natural beauty. #naturalbeauty #wrennatural.  Once it's dried and feels a little cracky (legit technical term..), rinse off and behold the beauty of your skin. 

Let's Mix It Up!

As mentioned above you are not limited to just water as the wetting agent for either cleansing or masking. Here are some other ideas for you to try out: 

  • Carrier Oils: Sweet Almond, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil,Jojoba, Argan etc. 
  • Honey - Honey is antiseptic and super hydrating. If you go this route, it might be sticky and you may have to use warmer water to rinse. If your skin is REALLY dry it may not feel great to spread it on. Try a small spot first. 
  • Hydrosols - So many options here! 
  • Yogurt - The lactic acid in yogurt will make your skin happy. 
  • Milk / Cream - You can use goats milk, almond milk, coconut milk, etc. Even though milks are calming to the skin they are best used on skin that is not prone to acne. 

Basically your options are endless. You can combine a couple of the above suggestions or just be simple and stick with water. You can completely customize your cleansing routine based on how your skin that day. 


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