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Facial Cleansing Grains

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Watch out, cleansing grains are about to be your new favorite skincare product. The power of 3 options in one jar! The perfect blend of ancient, natural grains is crafted to cleanse, exfoliate, calm, and balance all in one. It even doubles as a face mask if you leave it on for awhile. Warning: don’t add these to your yogurt. Although... it certainly wouldn’t hurt to eat them. They’re that natural. 

To clean, simply scoop out the grains, add some water to form a paste then apply to your face in circular motion. Rinse off and enjoy the feeling of fresh clean skin!

You can even get creative and use something besides water! Try cream, coconut water, coconut milk, etc. The possibilities are endless!

2 oz. glass jar & small wooden spoon

Click here to read a blog post about the Grains for even more info! 

Cleansing Grains - Normal to Dry Skin

kaolin (kaolin) clay, avena sativa (colloidal oatmeal), organic rosa canina (rosehip) powder, moroccan lava (rhassoul) clay, organic honey powder, organic lavandula x intermedia (lavandin flower) powder

Cleansing Grains - Combination Skin

kaolin (kaolin) clay, avena sativa (colloidal oatmeal), moroccan lava (rhassoul) clay, organic honey powder, organic lavandula x intermedia (lavandin flower) powder, organic matricaria recutita (chamomile flower) powder, organic berberis nervosa (oregon grape root) powder

Ps. Don't use this product if you're allergic to any of the ingredients! 

Customer Reviews

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Love Wren Natural Cleansing Grains - they make my skin feel so fresh and soft. I don't have the best skin so finding stuff that doesn't irritate it is a challenge, Wren Natural has been working great.

Cleansing Grains

I have to say, my face hasn’t t felt this Great, since I’ve started using, Wren Cleansing Grains! It feels so clean and fresh, without all the harsh chemicals! I am totally sold on this product, along with the Wren Toner and Moisturizer! As a 50+ woman, it has brightened and softened my skin, to the Best it’s Ever been! These products are Amazing, and will be my continued, go to products, for my daily skin care! I am also using their Deodorant, which keeps me feeling fresh all day! So Happy to have found such a Great skin care line! I can tell they put such great pride in their products!!! Thank You WREN!

Amazing Product

I purchased the Cleansing Grains about 2 months ago. I can not express the way my face not only feels but it looks so much healthier. I use the Grains, Toner and Moisturizer I can not express how much I would recommend using all 3 of these products together. I have used many expensive face products but nothing compares to Wren products especially the Cleansing Grains. I highly recommend purchasing this product along with facial toner and moisturizer.