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The All Natural Deodorant Journey

Posted by Danielle Brabson on
The All Natural Deodorant Journey

The Journey Begins 

If you've watched any of the videos about how Wren started, you know we started with deodorant as our first product. This post expands a little more on that journey of changing deodorants, especially when moving to an all natural deodorant from a commercial antiperspirant/deodorant. There are so many articles out there about just how dangerous deodorant and antiperspirant may be to your body, especially for women. You'll read some articles that state the chemicals in antiperspirant are linked to breast cancer and aluminum absorption has been linked to Alzheimer's. And then some articles that state there are no connections. I am not a doctor or a scientist so I can't make either claim, but my goal was to reduce my exposure to chemicals so I opted for the natural route.  I was wearing a commercial "clinical" strength deodorant and antiperspirant and within minutes of applying I was sweating like crazy. Sweating so much that I would have to change shirts. This obviously wasn't going to work for me any longer. I mean who wants to walk around with sweat rings on their shirt? Not me. And, not only does it not look nice, it feels disgusting. And I was still stinking, a strange scent. It reminded me of celery, which was NOT the scent of my deodorant, I was supposed to smell like baby powder (sorry TMI, I know!) When you think about it, sweating helps remove toxins from your body. So my body was trying to get rid of the toxins I kept applying to my arm pits by sweating MORE. Before embarking on making my own, I did try other "natural" name brands, no luck. I knew I would sweat still because most are not antiperspirants but I didn't want to STINK. So here I was sweating and stinking and contemplating my next step.  It only seemed logical that I attempt to make my own. I did a lot of reading, and researching of ingredients and went through countless iterations. Some were too runny, some were too hard, some were just not right, they didn't feel good, etc. Needless to say there were a lot of trials. Until finally I found the combination that worked. And I was ecstatic. I find it humorous that I was that excited about deodorant but after all the trials I was happy to be at the end of it! I started using it on a regular basis as this would be the "real" trial. I had to get used to no longer using a stick, it was now a cream and in a jar. It absorbed nicely and quickly. And it worked! I didn't sweat like before and I smelled nice. Not a fake smell but a nice neutral smell with a hint of lavender.  

Pit Detox

You are supposed to sweat. It's a natural part of how your body works. I get it's not the best part, but it's necessary to remove toxins. And it's also necessary to help maintain your body temperature.  If you've been using commercial deodorant and antiperspirant for a while or  since you started using deodorant, then changing over to a natural deodorant you may actually sweat MORE for a few days. It happened to me and then after a couple days, it was greatly reduced. And now I actually sweat very little. And I don't stink. This is something to remember when trying out natural options, remember your pits have to essentially detox so give the product a week or so to see if it works. Unless you stink then it's probably not going to work, but that was just my experience. Everyone is different.


I can't use natural deodorant, it gives me a rash!

I've heard this one quite a few times, and it's not the deodorant itself that's giving you a rash it's baking soda. Some folks just can't tolerate a lot of baking soda (which is usually a big ingredient in natural deo's because it does help absorb some sweat and odor). After a couple applications your pits are red and inflamed and hurt like the dickins. Not fun for anyone. I know, it happened to my husband (who I forced to use my new concoction, I needed to see how it held up to man sweat and smells). He was not a happy camper. And so I started researching some more and found some other ingredients that I could sub in for the baking soda. The big player there is Bentotite Clay. It's a natural clay. After some more trial runs I found the best combination that reduced his sweating, eliminated odor, and didn't break him out into a flaming red rash. That became the Wren Natural Sensitive Skin Deodorant. 


Should I go natural? 

My opinion is yes, yes you should. But that shouldn't surprise you considering I created an entire company to change out all my chemical laden products to a natural alternative. My answer will always be yes. And I would love for you to give our products a try, I think they are one of the best natural deodorants out there, but I am slightly biased on that point. Give them a try, we would love to have you join our family of customers! You'll be making a natural choice and supporting a small family run business! 


Check out all our deodorant options here!

- Danielle




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